In the dark with Ben

Where is Ben, and why is it so dark? Relax, he’s wanting to get closer to the TV, apparently to check out what’s on the Disney Channel (The Wiggles had just finished).

Ben’s block attack!

The blocks were neatly put away — until Ben had enough! He swings into action and turns over the carefully placed pieces and brings chaos back to the playground.

Ben, the fussy eater

No chicken or fruit for Ben… peas and carrots are the order of the day. He built up an appetite playing wtih Aunt Shelley and Tio Paco, and he dined on the legumes until he had his fill. (The chicken would have ended on the floor, but Mom was there to stop the spillage.)

Tearing Down Blocks with Ben

Maybe you didn’t know this about Ben, but not only is he good at knocking down blocks, he’s also learned to help when it comes time to put them away. One by one, he handed the blocks to Tio Paco, who then placed them inside their box. Thank you, Ben! Well done!

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