Hangin’ with Ben and Sophie

Aunt Shelley and Tio Paco swung by Sophie and Ben’s house to visit them and their mom. Ben invited the camera crew to visit his crib, where he played catch and tumbled over his chair.

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Sophie and Ben at their grandparents’

Sophie and Ben hang out at their grandparents’ while their parents are a an outing. Ben took a couple of walks with Grandpa and Aunt Shelley and Tio Paco, followed by some tumbling indoors.

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The hiccup trilogy

So much going on at the Granparents’! Sophie’s got the hiccups while Aunt Shelley holds her and Ben is dialing Tio Paco’s phone. He dials the operator, but luckily he didn’t find the “send” button.

Sophie continues to have the hiccups, and her brother Ben may be thinking he hates it when that happens to him, although Sophie is happy despite the ordeal.

Sophie’s had enough of the hiccups. Either that or she wants to turn over.