The end of the beginning

Twenty five years later, I finally understand what Huey Lewis was talking about in “I Want a New Drug.” But no, not really. I finally gave it a meaning. I finally came to the same conclusion, the way I would have gotten here even without knowing that song ever existed.

I want a new drug. One that is a panacea and a placebo all at once. One that will give me the clarity of all things in front of me while it puts them away in a closet or trash bin as needed. One that makes me forget everything I know while it keeps a record of all things I’ve seen and done.

One that doesn’t rely on science or foction or science fiction. A new drug with an old prescription.

And unlimited refills.

[UPDATE] It has been brought to my attention that Huey Lewis and the News still exists, but that their main objective is to be the best Huey Lewis and the News tribute band they can be.

Random videos from the 1980s

Back in the 80s, not everyone (no one?) had a cell phone or handy digital camera to record every moment of our lives from multiple angles. However, I did lug around a clunky Beta cam and managed to save a few minutes for posterity.

Rio Grande City High School, or at least the Middle School that occupied the same building after the new High School was built, burned down a couple of years ago, as many schools in the district are wont to do.