The intercom

  1. 300 baud modem? Check.
  2. Compuserve? Check. Forget that — bulletin board services (BBSes)!
  3. Watched Wargames at the theater? check. (Also Top Secret!, Real GeniusRaiders of the Lost Ark, etc.)
  4. Teenager in the 80s? Check.
  5. Atari 2600, TRS-80 Model III, Commodore 64, Tron. Activision — for crying out loud!
  6. Internet Relay Chat at the Tech library basement in 1987. Mac Plus at the Carpenter computer lab the same year.
  7. Wasted youth, check.

Good grief, I’d do it all over again.

The HASfit absolute beginner’s workout

A few months back my wife and I tried the “Insanity” workout and clearly were crazy for doing so. I’m sure it’s worked for a lot of people, but to us it was hell on our knees and feet — too high impact.

Looking online for a better solution, I found a lot more high-impact videos. A lot. Many of the beginner stuff available online was of no help either, because mostly it consisted of a guy filming himself doing reps.

When I returned to search for a better (and hopefully free) solution, I found a couple of useful videos on YouTube by an outfit called HASfit (HAS = “Heart and Soul”), and it’s fitting the bill just fine. Their website has instruction videos for beginners that slowly — but surely — get you in a weight-lifting groove.

I found these three videos easy enough to fit into a rotation, while still providing enough of a challenge to begin “feeling the burn:”