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I am the Web Producer for Al Día‘s site. We work on a separate system than our parent company, so the CMS I use is not supported in site. I work with Lionheart, the vendor that created our CMS. The product was delivered incomplete and a big part of my job is to work with the vendor’s programmers to fine-tune the product to our meet our needs.

My daily tasks include web updates, video production and rich media production:

All updates to the web site are manual, which means every article, photo, slide show, video, etc. comes through my desk to be edited, cropped or designed before it reaches the internet. My responsibilities also include most of the social media updates and some of the blogs.

Al Día’s Facebook Page

Al Día Video

A growing part of my job at Al Día is the production of video to accompany our editorial content. I use video I’ve shot myself or shot by the staff. I use Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro to edit video and Audacity for sound post-production. 


News/Marketing Video at Al Día

Express Video Stories

I also produced video pieces for the Express newsletter at THERAPY 2000. I tagged along with speech therapists and produced pieces to highlight their interaction with patients while using VitalStim therapy.


VitalStim Project