Open-sourced, at last

I have finally let go of my ISP, after… many years of hosting. They (a2hosting) served me well, but now I have to try things on my own and practice what I preach. Exciting times, yes. I wish this had happened 20 years ago, or better yet, 30. (EDIT 2: I see what I did there… -30-)

EDIT: At this location, the blog is running on Google’s platform, where the site is redirected courtesy of my domain name provider, They’re inexpensive and I find them to be very reliable. Other domains I own are also hosted in the cloud (including spaces) and my costs are way down. I just make sure my stuff is backed up.

Last-minute inspiration

With only about a month left between now and the final day of classes, I hope my students are getting visits from that misunderstood muse, Panic. She might be the last hope for some people. Taken from imgur.

Tuesday is the new Monday

… and February is the new January. And what I mean by that is that if I told you last week that I would be doing something next week, then I meant I’d get to it by Tuesday. Oh, I’d be thinking about it all Monday long, so even if when I finally get around to doing it on Tuesday, I’d have already put a lot of thought into whatever it is I was doing.

So this past January I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what needs to be done this year. And February is still as early in the year as Tuesday is in the week. And even if half the thinking process went into deciding what would be sloughed off to March, at least that decision was made.

Week of Feb. 4-8 tasks

I’ll be sure to get all this started on Tuesday.

Listen to the mandolin rain

I have two appointments on my calendar, one for my regularly scheduled class, another for a class that just popped up that I may or not benefit from. They overlap (in time) by 15 minutes, and are 15 minutes apart (in space).

It all seemed like a good idea when I signed up for both of these things, but now I’m thinking I don’t want to make it to either one of them. I’ll probably make it to both events, just to say I did, and feel like something got accomplished today. Or at least say I got a free lunch out of the whole thing.

The real problem lies in the classes I picked my freshman year in college. But that’s a choice I made long ago.

[UPDATE] Listen to the banjo wind: just shuffling through LinkedIn, a friend posted about how easy it is to learn about the science of data. Read a couple of internet pages, and maybe sign up for a free Coursera class (or two).

Will I ever learn? How loaded is that question?