The more you know: More IT Girls

Why encourage girls to go into a science, tech, engineering or math career? The U.S. will need more than 1.5 million engineers and computing professionals in the next 10 years. Enough “it girls.” More IT Girls!

Open-sourced, at last

I have finally let go of my ISP, after… many years of hosting. They (a2hosting) served me well, but now I have to try things on my own and practice what I preach. Exciting times, yes. I wish this had happened 20 years ago, or better yet, 30. (EDIT 2: I see what I did there… -30-)

EDIT: At this location, the blog is running on Google’s platform, where the site is redirected courtesy of my domain name provider, They’re inexpensive and I find them to be very reliable. Other domains I own are also hosted in the cloud (including spaces) and my costs are way down. I just make sure my stuff is backed up.


Somewhere along the way, a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook, and I stopped disliking the song Rhiannon, that for whatever long-forgotten reason I disliked.

I think it was because it was featured in the TV-Guide channel of whatever cable system I had in the late 80s that kept on playing it over and over again. Welcome to the time machine.