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Christmas 2012, with a bonus present!

Christmas Day started with breakfast and the opening of presents at Grammy and Grandpa’s house. Everybody got some pretty cool presents — including a camera tripod for Uncle Paco, maybe now he can get in some of the pictures! Lunch followed at Grandma’s house, where we were treated to a snowfall before dessert.

Click the image to see the album, two videos follow below.

A couple of hours of snow dropped as a bonus Christmas present. Target practice? Oh sure, there’s Uncle Paco:

Snow is cold — and wet! Who’s to blame for getting this lovely new coat wet?

Shoo, duck! (feeding the ducks)

Ben and Uncle Paco took a quick trip to the Irving pond to feed some ducks, and it was all fine, tossing bread and making new friends. At least one of them, however, got too close for comfort!

Click on image to see album:

A trip to the Fort Worth Zoo

Click on image to see album:

Christmas 2009

Rescued images from a Flickr album. Also, some video. Click on image to see album:

It’s all happening at the zoo… May 2009

Sophie and Ben visited the Fort Worth Zoo with Aunt Shelley and Uncle Paco. Saw crocodiles AND alligators…

Click on image to see the album: