Christmas 2008

Christmas was at our house and Sophie and Ben and their parents, as well as “Gi-Pa” came over to open some presents and have lunch. Lots of toys and clothes and other good stuff were to be had, and shared — OK, maybe not always — but it was a great time.

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Halloween 2008

Sophie and Ben brought over Mom and Dad and Grandma to visit Aunt Shelley and Uncle Paco. The action was only interrupted by other trick-or-treaters stopping by to get candy and the occasional piano break.

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In the kitchen with “Little Mickey”

Sophie and Ben played with blocks and other toys with Grammy and Aunt Shelley, then moved on to the kitchen to read Sophie’s favorite book about Mickey and Goofy.

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Some other videos Uncle Paco took while playing with the camera settings:

Piano fun with Ben and Sophie

Sophie and Ben visited Aunt Shelley and Tio Paco and spent some time belting out a couple of tunes and playing with cars and stuffed animals.

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