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The HASfit absolute beginner’s workout

A few months back my wife and I tried the “Insanity” workout and clearly were crazy for doing so. I’m sure it’s worked for a lot of people, but to us it was hell on our knees and feet — too high impact.

Looking online for a better solution, I found a lot more high-impact videos. A lot. Many of the beginner stuff available online was of no help either, because mostly it consisted of a guy filming himself doing reps.

When I returned to search for a better (and hopefully free) solution, I found a couple of useful videos on YouTube by an outfit called HASfit (HAS = “Heart and Soul”), and it’s fitting the bill just fine. Their website has instruction videos for beginners that slowly — but surely — get you in a weight-lifting groove.

I found these three videos easy enough to fit into a rotation, while still providing enough of a challenge to begin “feeling the burn:”

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