Francisco Rodriguez

Hello world! I’m a member of the IT Faculty at El Centro College in the Dallas County Community College District for the Internet Development Technologies program. I currently teach Digital Imaging and Web Design classes using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver, plus HTML5 and CSS3 coding. I also teach Web Project Management, Portfolio Development and WordPress courses.

Previously, I worked in the newspaper industry for close to two decades, most recently with The Dallas Morning News at its Spanish product, Al Día. Wrangled with CMS vendor to optimize the paper’s online news delivery and design, serve as videographer and rich media editor of the site. Assisted editorial staff with graphic and news page design duties as needed, and worked directly with the marketing department to deliver online and print graphic and social media solutions.


I worked with multiple vendors to hammer a mobile platform, an HTML5 version of aldiatx.com that behaves like a smartphone app on iOS and Android devices. The HTML5 platform was provided by Publish2.com, which captured content from an FTP server, then adds it to a feed to make the magic happen. That same FTP feed also provided content for our web site, and making all the systems understand and play nice with each other was my top priority.

And before all that

I was a copy editor and news/feature page designer for Al Día, The Dallas Morning News, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Victoria Advocate and The McAllen Monitor.

And if you’re still reading

I was a beat reporter for The McAllen Monitor, and even before that, I was editor of my school newspaper, The University Daily (now The Daily Toreador).

What can I say, I like newspapers.

Under construction

As per usual, please pardon the mess. The best is yet to come!

In the meantime please visit my blog, where there’s quite the smattering of interesting and uninteresting posts.