Elk Horn Cafe — Chama, NM

We were driving from Durango to Taos and had no clue where we were going to stop. The lone Yelp review was our only guide… and it turned out to be a great find.

Driving through, there’s not much to look at in Chama, and the Elk Horn Cafe was no exception, as the outside has as much charm as a dusty unpaved parking lot can give a place.

The interior, however, was a different story. It had a nice, clean layout and the wait staff was cordial and helpful. I ordered the Green Chile Cheeseburger, which according to the menu won some kind of regional award. Very tasty burger although the chile was a bit hot. Picked some of it out, no problem.

I don’t recall if they serve beer, but it would have been a better complement to the tasty chile served on the burger.

The fries were good and the refills plentiful. Give this oasis as try when crossing through the desert.

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Written on July 2, 2011