The Range — Bernalillo, NM

Who knew there was a town called Bernalillo, NM, by the side of the road on the way to Albuquerque? Not me! Thank you, Yelp, for suggesting this restaurant.

We mapped our way to the restaurant for lunch and soaked up the wild decor of the place. They have an extensive menu and it all looks good… having had one too many burgers during this trip, I ordered the Steak Sandwich Tampiqueña (which nobody in the US can decide on a  standard way to prepare it), which consists of a 7 oz grilled NY Steak strips topped with grilled poblano, red bell pepper and onions with green chile, sliced avocado and melted white cheddar (description from their menu).

My wife had the Chimayo Chicken Sandwich (my second choice), which is described as a grilled chicken breast brushed with Range Cafe hot sauce, topped with bacon, avocado and Swiss.

If you are a true fan of hot green chile, get the Chimayo sandwich. My wife’s palate is a bit more sensitive to heat than mine, so we exchanged the second half of our sandwiches with each other. I think they do a bit more than just brush the chicken with the sauce… it’s green chile goodness is soaked to its very being.

The steak sandwich was a complete meal on a toasted bun. I recommend you plan to eat half of the sandwich at the shop and take the other one home or for the road. Lots of food, all good.

But because we ate the whole thing, we only got to look at the desserts. Try one and let me know what you think!

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Written on July 2, 2011