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The time machine

I have the habit of not changing the station, or the tape, or the CD, or the playlist that I listen to and I end up listening to the same album for months on end. Whether it be auto search, or song skip or whatever, I burn a song in my head until I get sick of it. As of late, I find that if I come across any of these songs, I’ll “feel” the time it was burned in my chemistry. It’s not always good. But it’s always interesting.

1982-83 Tuning the radio away from my parents’ stations

1984 Summer-school biology, with the OzĀ 


1986 Wasting time in high school

1987 Walking the cold sidewalks to chemistry class


1988 Driving the old Monarch, the last year it worked

1992 So, so lost in my first apartment in Lubbock

1995 In the fishbowl at The Victoria Advocate

1996 Commuting after midnight at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

1997 Saturday mornings in the second-smallest apartment in Arlington


1999 Between here and Houston, then on the way back

1999-2000 Working at Donruss

2003 Riding the TRE, talking to my girlfriend (my wife) on the phone


2013 At the time I’m writing this post

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