Third Day of our vacation in Washington State, 2008

Day 3 of our vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Breakfast at the Kirk House is quite the treat, with a an awesome award-winning yogurt parfait. We took a whale watching tour on San Juan Safaris, although the other folks staying at the bed and breakfast told us they were disappointed on their trip and didn’t get to see any whales. After more than an hour circling the island, we met up with several other boats and our captain announced they had finally spotted a couple of orca pods. We couldn’t get very close to them, but we did get to see what might have been a couple dozen killer whales frolicking in the water. The visual will be a lot better when I upload the videos. Turns out someone in the boat lives in the town next to ours.

Later that day we drove up to Roche Harbor and saw the most peculiar art exhibit: An outdoor gallery of sorts — and I do mean outdoor, with ducks and weeds and mosquitos all around. Most of the displays were for sale (we didn’t buy anything) and the place seems to just run itself, with an honor-system admission slot at the front.

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Written on June 13, 2008