Missouri vacation 2004

Images from our vacation to Kansas City, Independence and Branson, rescued from Flickr. Click image to see album:

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The Loudmouth — Vol. 4, No.1

PAGE 3: Ah yes, the Ratt Poison tour of 1987.

PAGE 5: Times I got called in to the principal’s office to discuss the publishing of The Loudmouth: 3, maybe 4. Times I got called in to the counselor’s office to discuss channeling my energy into better things, maybe talk about a career in journalism: 0. I wish they would have. They could have talked me out of it, and today I would be most thankful.

PAGE 9: What’s not mentioned about my junky car is that I gave several people rides home every day.

PAGE 10: My first car was a 1978 Ford Granada. Probably gave 8 miles to the gallon, but gas was still cheap. I would dump the change in my ashtray at the EZ-Mart and could still make it home.

PAGE 11: “Eat my shorts?” Bart Simpson didn’t say that until 1989. I wonder if I can get some of that Fox money…?

PAGE 12: The final page. When I applied for a reporter’s job at The University Daily at Texas Tech, I submitted a very short résumé: 1984-1987: The Loudmouth — Editor, reporter, photographer I got the job, eventually. I was there for almost three years. Would have been for a full three, but somewhere in the middle I was told I couldn’t work there anymore. But that’s another story.


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The Loudmouth — Vol. 4, No. 0

Lots of things happened the four months between Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. Lots of things. I erased the paragraphs I wrote describing them, but let’s just say I shattered my leg in a car wreck and I suddenly shifted my academic priorities. I barely remember the events described in this issue.

PAGE 3: One Act didn’t get dawgged THAT “gaaucho.” We did so much better than we ever expected and had lots of fun doing it. I feel kinda silly scratching out the names “Daw,” “Gib,” and “Coll,” which were actually the names of the characters in the play, but I again, I feel the need to protect the guilty.

PAGE 5: Oh yeah, this also happened in between Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. It was printed on red paper.

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