This is what they mean when they say think outside the box

Because even after reading the description and formulating what the song was going to sound like and how it was going to be played, I could still not register what was happening. But there it was… who you gonna call?


And furthermore, and what was going to be the original theme of this post, however did blogs ever exist without video embedding? Yes, I know, you’d just sit down and write. Have to remember that. Although I wish I had the kind of time needed to make 80s hardware play 80s music.

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Missing my record player

Multiple record players, that is. There’s something about 45s that I miss. Not necessarily the sound, since all the clicking and popping didn’t add much to the experience. Maybe it’s just the fact that you had to commit to listen to the whole record before loading up another one.


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Listen to the mandolin rain

I have two appointments on my calendar, one for my regularly scheduled class, another for a class that just popped up that I may or not benefit from. They overlap (in time) by 15 minutes, and are 15 minutes apart (in space).

It all seemed like a good idea when I signed up for both of these thing, but now I’m thinking I don’t want to make it to either one of them. I’ll probably make it to both events, just to say I did, and feel like something got accomplished today. Or at least say I got a free lunch out of the whole thing.

The real problem lies in the classes I picked my freshman year in college.

But that’s a choice I made long ago.

[UPDATE] Listen to the banjo wind: just shuffling through LinkedIn, a friend posted about how easy it is to learn about the science of data. Read a couple of internet pages, and maybe sign up for a free coursera class (or two).

Will I ever learn? How loaded is that question?

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There’s always a new kid in town

Yesterday, without even trying, I found a story written in The Daily Toreador by the editor of that publication. The story was about the key role played by Texas Tech’s defense in the upset victory over West Virginia University, a game the Red Raiders were expected not to win. A sports story, which leads me to assume that he started his stay at the paper in the sports department, although that is just an assumption.

I already knew what I wanted to know about the game, but was curious to see the game stories presented by the campus paper. It was worth the trip, if only to find out that the current editor of The Toreador is a guy by the name of Jose Rodriguez.

Plenty of thoughts and stories and soundbites quickly crossed my mind, but that’s neither here or there.

Good for him.

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